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Birch House Residency Program
Fall 2021

The Barista Dream Ballet
CW: Flashing Lights
Directed, Written, Filmed, and Starring: Christina Renee Jones
Music from: Dream Sweet in Sea Major · ミラクルミュージカル
Hawaii: Part II ℗ 2012 ミラクルミュージカル
Released on: 2012-12-12

Special thanks to Eric Barton, Birch House Immersive, and Stephen McClure.


Uncharted Festival 2019

Runs July 11, 2019 - July 20, 2019

"The Puppet Play" by Christina Renee Jones will be part Uncharted Festival.

UNCHARTED is a two-week festival showcasing bold new works from Chicago playwrights developed, incubated and curated by The New Colony. The company provides Chicago playwrights with support from professional directors, actors and designers to help them take the next step in the creation of a new work. UNCHARTED was founded in recognition and celebration of the Chicago community’s passion for creating and producing new American plays and aims to connect audiences and theatrical producers with today’s stories and tomorrow’s playwrights. Each offering will receive two presentations over the course of the festival.

Tickets and show calendar will be available in June!

More info can be found here!


Factory After Dark

August 4, 2018

The Factory Theater presents:
Saturday, August 4th
1623 W. Howard, Chicago


"If Somebody Has to Get Hurt"

by Christina Renee Jones

Beaker: Christina Renee Jones

Significant Other: Kevin Lambert

A late-night variety show filled with the best Chicago talent and sprinkled with some Factory surprises.


The Eccentric Expedition

Join Us On The First Friday of Every Month at 11pm for an Absurd Field Trip through the Weirdest Regions of Space, Time, and Beyond Guided by Sir Professor Captain Zero Fox!

Come aboard the O.S.S. Bradbury and join your guide, the renowned space wizard Sir Professor Captain Zero Fox, as he takes you to meet some of the strangest denizens of the multiverse. The Eccentric Expedition is a stripped down low budget late night sci-fi comedy variety show filled with laughs, music, and the occasional surprise.

"Christina's Safe Space Bubble"


"Second Puberty"

Birch House Residency Program

Spring 2019

Info Here!



"Love Hertz"


The New Colony

Writer's Room 8.0 Fall 2018

Info Here!

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