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Sabrina Daldry in "In the Next Room (or the Vibrator Play)" at Idle Muse Theatre

Portraying Mrs. Sabrina Daldry is an absolute jewel of an actress. Christina Renee Jones is delightful in this demanding role. She journeys from being sullen and closed-off from the rest of the world, sensitive to light, sound and the color green, to being a contented, free spirit who finally loves her life. 

And nod out to Jones whose dynamic facial expressions along with Erin Gallagher’s (Annie) deadpan delivery are hysterical!

Lisette in "The Game of Love and Chance" at Open Door Rep

The two servants are especially well-portrayed. Jones is brilliant, at times seeming to channel Carol Burnett with her excellent comedic timing and facial expressions.

Doug Deuchler |

Comic relief is provided by Christina Renee Jones as Lisette, Silvia's chambermaid, and Travis Barnhart as Harlequin, Dorante's servant. Their physical stunts are particularly hilarious. It's like watching Carol Burnett and a very tall version of Tim Conway.

Myrna Pelicki | Oak Leaves

Kathy/Betty in "Peyton Place" at City Lit Theatre

There are some fine, zesty performances sprinkled throughout, including Christina Renee Jones in the dual roles of nerdy high schooler Kathy and bad girl Betty. 

Kerry Reid | Chicago Tribune

Lady Agatha in "Lady Windermere's Fan" 

Her perpetually harassed daughter, Lady Agatha, is hysterically played by Christina Renee Jones.

Colin Douglas | Chicago Theatre Review

The Porter in "Macbeth" with Midsommer Flight

Stand-out performance: This entire ensemble (of 18!) cast is terrific from the leads to the supporting roles (Christina Renee Jones as the Porter, for example, knew just where to inject some humor into this dark tale.).

Tom Lawler | The Fourth Walsh


Boetian in "Lysistrata" with the side project

...the show does provide a handful of witty and emotionally rich moments. I particularly enjoyed Christina Renee Jones turn as a nerdy and insecure woman who finds her own voice coming through as the women's resistance grows.

Kerry Reid | Chicago Tribune

Clea in "Medusa Undone" 

With unflinching honest, Mary-Kate Arnold as Medusa, and Christina Jones as Clea, masterfully bring Bella Poynton's script to life in their depiction of the aftermath of assault. 

Lynne Marie Meyer | Pop Mythology

Clea_ High Priestess. Excellent at head

Verges in "Much Ado About Nothing" with Midsommer Flight

Dogberry and his right hand 'man' Verges (played by the wonderful comedienne Christina Renee Jones) manage to capture all of the conspirators and all is revealed at the end.

James Murray | Showbiz Chicago


Casey in "Anton in Show Business" 

Christina Renee Jones and Kayla Fields are wonderful as the actresses cast to co-star with Holly. Jones becomes a comic revelation as Casey, thanks to her deadpan delivery.

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